Messey Les Chouettes Macon, France - Vindinista
Messey Les Chouettes Macon, France - Vindinista

'Les Chouettes' Macon-Villages 2021, Messey, France

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You won't feel a twit (twoo) buying this. Geddit? Chouettes means owls, which is why there are some on the label.

Cute and everything but the juice inside is v. good. Macon, being in the south of Burgundy, is often known for plumper whites when compared to the north of the region. It's often cheaper (we are talking Burgundy here, folks). But blimey, are we tasting some classy ones with nice tension in the fruit. Like this one. A hint of supporting oak, just to add complexity.

Château de Messey is located just outside Tournus on a hilltop 300-400 metres above sea level and surrounded by woods. And with owls.