Refills at Back In Two Different Sizes!

We are officially bringing back wine refills at Vindinista, but with a few changes.

The first is the option of a smaller format. We will be offering refills at 500ml as well as 750ml, the size of a normal bottle of wine.

The second is that you now buy and keep the bottle, and just bring it back clean every time you want a refill.

We've also gone back to swing-top bottles as there is less contact filling and resealing these.

The benefit of refills is a lower carbon footprint (re-using bottles, wines come from large kegs) plus a small saving on the cost of the wine itself.

Currently on offer are a Sauvignon and Refosco (a juicy, easy drinking red) from Friuli in Italy and the ever-popular Secateurs Chenin Blanc. 

Ask in store for more details.

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