Verdiso 2019, Collalto, Italy - Vindinista
Verdiso 2019, Collalto, Italy - Vindinista

Verdiso 2022, Collalto, Italy

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Sunny days were made for this light, crisp, spritzy wine from the Veneto

What would you get if you crossed a Vinho Verde with a Prosecco? This *maybe*. A crisp, light, gently sparkling wine that comes from Treviso, an area usually associated with the more famous Italian fizz.

It’s made from a grape called Verdiso that is often blended in small quantities with Glera, the major grape for Prosecco, to add freshness (sounds better than acidity, right?). We’re never 100% sure where to place this on the shop shelves because although it is spritzy (it is re-fermented to 1.5 bars of pressure) it comes in a normal wine bottle and is best drunk out of a wine glass rather than a flute.

We’ll leave the final words to our customers Jamie & Greg who emailed us to say: “Just to let you know, we had the Verdiso (and somehow managed to get through the whole bottle) over lunch today and it was completely delicious!”