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TOMH Mantinia Moschofilero 2022, Troupis Winery, Greece

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Troupis Winery is based in Mantinia, in the Peloponese. PDO Mantinia is a high altitude plateau at 660 meters above sea-level, though some vineyards go as high up as 800 meters. The region is surrounded by mountains, and has a Mediterranean climate with continental influences. It is one of the coldest PDO zones in Greece with plenty of rain and snow here.

Troupis is a family-owned winery founded in 2010, though the family has been cultivating their privately owned Moschofilero vineyards since the 1970s.

The high altitude has really brought out the floral notes in Moschofilero. On the palate, there are notes on peach and quince with a salty, mineral finish. Delightful. Went down a storm when we had it on by the glass. We've no idea what the TOMH stands for.