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Tavel, Lafond, France - Vindinista

Tavel Roc-Epine 2020, Domaine Lafond , France

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Look away now if you are offended by dark rosé.

But if you are interested in rosés with a bit of history and that can be drunk all year round - and throughout a meal - then read on.

Tavel is a southern Rhône appellation near Avignon where you can only make rosé wine - and was once a favourite of the papacy when it was based in the city.

The colour doesn't come from sugar, but from extended skin contact - sometimes up to 72 hours (which makes them almost a light red - except the grapes are harvested earlier). 

This year's Tavel from Lafond is a little lighter than usual - some producers are veering towards the minimal amount of skin contact required by law because lighter rosé is so fashionable. This wine is 60% Grenache. Best served between 10-12C