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'Don't Look Back in Anger' Mixed Case of Six Wine

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Did you achieve a dry January. Firstly well done secondly there is no need to be bitter on what you missed out on.  We've put together a selection of the the Low Intervention list we featured. These wines are both elegant and quaffable! 


Terre di Buth - A low ABV, dry, gentle organic sparkling, the only problem is once you open it you need to drink it. You have been warned ;P


Les Cretes, Mont Blanc - A silky, delicate alpine blend, that would be great with all of the hard alpine cheese. Fondue anyone? Low intervention.

Gavi Spinola - A classic beauty that makes you think, I don't drink Gavi often enough! Biodynamic.


Trebbiano Casole - If you are skin shy, this would go amazing with an Indian Curry and you will never be the same again - go on we double dare you. Organic and Biodynamic.


Juice Assylum - this is a fun fresh red that would be great with pizza, spag bol and just on it's on. A blend including a small percent of a white. Organic and Biodynamic.

Tenuta Santa Maria Pragal - A fruity, spicy blend of Corvina, Merlot, and Syrah. Derived from low-yield vines, the wine is vinified with both fresh and partially dried grapes.