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New Wave South America Tasting

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Wednesday, 2nd November
730pm @ ActOne Cinema Lounge

Yes, you read that right - we're spending an evening showcasing some great wines from South America.

We're teaming up with Carla Bertellotti from South American wine specialist Vinos Latinos to take you through a selection of really exciting wines from Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Wines from South America have never featured heavily on the Vindinista wine list.

Why? Partly it's because of the size of our shop - when you have the pick of the world's fabulous wines, something has to give. But also -  if we're being honest - a lot of the wines that come to the UK are (in our opinion) big, boring fruit bombs made by large brands.

Our New Wave South America tasting will show some of the fresh, diverse styles coming from boutique wineries in all three countries.

The evening will start with a welcome glass of wine before we taste our way through five more wines. There'll be some cheese to snack on and - as usual - we'll offer 10% off any wines paid for that night.

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