Massaya Le Colombier Red - Vindinista
Massaya Le Colombier Red - Vindinista

Massaya Le Colombier Red, 2018

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Massaya is a partnership between Lebanese brothers Sami and Ramzi Ghosn, who wanted to make wine when they reclaimed family lands in the Bekaa Valley (after the civil war) - and French winemakers Dominique Hebrard (once co-owned Le Cheval Blanc in Bordeaux) and the Brunier Brothers (of Le Vieux Telegraphe in the Rhône).

We’ve stocked the rosé since we opened - it has a bit of a cult following in Acton. And now we’ve got one of their reds - made (as they put it) for ‘everyday drinking’. In other words, this isn’t a wine for contemplation, but one for good, casual get togethers - socially distanced, of course.

It’s juicy with some gutsy, smoky notes (Cinsault), some spice (Grenache) and a mellow texture with licorice notes (Tempranillo).

Nice lightly chilled, it is great with BBQ lamb shoulder or chicken in a spicy rub.