‘Sketta’ Grecanico 2018, Cantina Marilina, Sicily (Organic) - Vindinista
‘Sketta’ Grecanico 2018, Cantina Marilina, Sicily (Organic) - Vindinista

Sketta’ Grecanico 2019, Cantina Marilina, Sicily (Organic)

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Our latest wine crush - which hails from vineyards in south-eastern Sicily, near the dreamy little fishing village of Marzamemi.

The grape is Grecanico (known as  Garganega in northern Italy and used in Soave). Its dark golden colour is due to the juice staying in contact with the skin for 10 hours or so, rather than being instantly separated as is the usual method for making white wines.

It has a nutty, almost Sherry-like nose coupled, with some rich baked peach and cooked apple notes, very on-trend but actually harking back to how wine used to smell and taste. Good with gutsy seafood dishes - we drank ours with roast hake on brown lentils and bacon.