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Gris de Gris 2019, Petit Chaumont, France

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The lightest, palest and driest of them all, from vines grown in Camargue sandy soils. Organic.

Poor old rosé. It’s either sniffily dismissed or guzzled indiscriminately between May and September. Then there’s the prejudice over the colour of the wine, and the myth that the darker the colour, the sweeter the contents.

But if you want the aestheics, then this rosé is as pale as you can go. Vin gris is a wine made from red grapes but vinified as a white, so that contact with the skins is minimal. This is also made mainly from the pink-skinned Grenache Gris.

It comes from the Carmargue, with the vines grown on very loose soil, comprising mainly of dune sand. We haven’t put it in the box just because it looks nice, though (and the label isn’t anything to write home about). It has taste - there’s some spice and licorice among the gentle red fruit tones and it is very easy to drink.

Does it need food? No. But really nice with dishes sprinkled with feta or goat’s cheese.  Organic.