Prosecco NV, Col Fondo, Case Paolin, Italy (Organic) - Vindinista
Prosecco NV, Col Fondo, Case Paolin, Italy (Organic) - Vindinista

Col Fondo Asolo DOCG Prosecco , Case Paolin, Italy

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NEW VERSION. If you have bought this before, this is now fully sparkling rather than frizzante and comes with a Champagne-style cork.

A modern take on how Prosecco used to be made, before  secondary fermentation to get the bubbles happened via the sexily-named tank method (or Charmat or Martinotti method to give credit to the inventors... it's complicated). So instead of all those fruit salad flavours leaping from the glass, you have lemons and straw, a touch of blossom - and intrigue.

The grapes from the winery's oldest vineyard are fermented on skins for 18 hours. Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle and the sediment from this is left inside. And all the sugar is gobbled up, so it is bone dry (0g/l of residual sugar). If you want to drink 'clean' - drink cloudy. Organic. Vegan-friendly.