Langhe Nascetta 2019, Reverdito, Italy - Vindinista
Langhe Nascetta 2019, Reverdito, Italy - Vindinista

Langhe Nascetta 2019, Reverdito, Italy

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If you’re growing grapes in the Langhe region of Piedmont, and your wine is not a Barolo or Barbaresco - but you are following all the local appellation rules - then you can use Langhe as part of your wine label name. It shows your wine has a pedigree (unless you are a superstar, rule-breaking maverick, obviously).

Nascetta (pronounced: Nashetta) is the name of the grape - one of the region’s less well-known whites that is making a bit of a comeback. Back in the 19th century, it was quite fashionable around those parts, either as an aromatic addition to a white blend, or left a lot longer on the vine to produce a sweet wine. But many of the vines got pulled up in favour of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and other more internationally recognised red grapes - and ones that were easier to grow.

But viticultural know-how has improved massively, and since the mid 1990s, Nascetta has found favour with some producers. In fact, Michele Reverdito grubbed up some of his Dolcetto vines recently and replaced them with Nascetta. The wine is aged for six months in clay amphorae after being harvested by hand and fermented using native yeasts (the winery also practices sustainable viticulture).

It was a smash hit when we gave out tasters to customers a few weeks ago. Peachy with a waxy texture, a touch of herbs and jasmine on the nose and good acidity, this is a really good, adaptable food wine - especially with a dish involving a creamy or cheesy sauce.